President’s Letter


The Stained Glass Association of America turned 100 years old in 2003 and celebrated its 101st Annual Summer Conference last year in 2010. This organization is a result of a partnership developed from a society of decorative glass artists with a common goal. That common goal is outlined in our Mission Statement and has for more than 100 years been the thread that kept us tightly bound and united. Regardless of personal differences and misunderstandings, we still hold our Mission Statement paramount.

The medium of stained glass is a unique art expressing personal philosophy homogenized with the theological concepts of the worship space or individual environment for which it is designed. That uniqueness is extended into the mechanics of the centuries-old craft merging into a virtual computer age — an age of milliseconds and megabytes and construction deadlines. The “short-cuts” and “they-won’t-ever-see-that mentality” are tempting resolutions in fabrication and restoration. However, the members of the Stained Glass Association of America continue to strive to foster excellence.

More innovative tools and technologies have been introduced into the world of stained glass in the last 10 years than in the past 90. Restoration techniques had to be developed and implemented as a result of stained glass in this country reaching the point of rejuvenation. The Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Stained Glass Windows, published by the SGAA, has become the suggested benchmark for owners to educate themselves on the proper approach to restoration. This publication helps to eliminate the shoddy repair that has been done to stained glass windows for years. These tools help to secure for future generations the full benefit, enjoyment and inspiration of stained glass.

We will continue to develop new techniques and means to implement those techniques applicable to our craft. The Stained Glass School has made great progress establishing a new teaching program, and the dreams of many are finally coming to fruition. Therefore, we are continuing the growth and education in the field of stained and decorative glass.

The members of the Stained Glass Association of America are proud to present and be represented in this latest edition of the stained glass Sourcebook. This publication will begin an adventure in stained glass, outlining the basic concepts and reasons for the use of stained glass. It will offer a suggested plan for specifying and present a wonderful, impressive portfolio of installations expressing the capabilities of our members.